Pump frequency converter – a reliable component for your operation

The company VYBO Electric offers those interested in purchasing frequency converters for a pump a Czech-Slovak tradition of European quality. We are a trading and manufacturing company. That is engaged in the production and sale of frequency converters of various types designed for many industries. During our operation we have built a number of business partnerships with other entrepreneurs. We are looking forward to currently offering customers high quality services in the production and sale of frequency converters.

Frequency converter for pump

We currently offer frequency converters from the X 550 IP 65 to 230V series and frequency converters X 550 IP65 to 400V. The X 550 frequency inverter series is the ideal solution for ensuring smooth, lossless speed control of three-phase asynchronous motors in medium-duty applications where dustproofness and splash water resistance are required. All these devices have an integrated EMC filter, PID control, MODBUS and have 2 built-in timers. In addition to the mentioned elements, they also have other important protective functions.

frequency converter for pump

The above mentioned and many other special functions make these devices ideal candidates. Whether for use with pumps, air conditioning, in the textile and food industries. As well as with electric gearboxes, when working with ceramics, grinders, centrifugal machines, milling machines, machines and power supply, cutting machines and more.

Why us?

Thousands of frequency converters of various types in stock.

· Fast transport on the territory to Slovakia – delivery of goods within 24 days of placing the order.

Fast transport anywhere in the European Union – delivery of goods within 3 days of placing the order.

· Frequency converters from 22 kW to 2200 kW.

Quality products verified by tradition, innovative procedures, open communication, free advice tailored to each customer.

company vybo

If you are looking for a frequency converter for pump and you are not sure which type range would be optimal for your business, we will be happy to provide you with free advice and together we will find the ideal solution tailored to your requirements.

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